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School Cafeteria Worker Fired For Giving Food To Child Who Couldn’t Pay

By - 20th May 2019

We’d all like to think that we’d do the right thing when it came down to it. Whether that’s being kind to a stranger, or giving a homeless person some spare change. Kindness is something that we should prize, and this school cafeteria worker is evidently an amazingly kind individual.

However, her kindness has got her into trouble. Big trouble. Bonnie Kimball worked in Mascoma Valley Regional High School. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, on March 28 she let a child take $8 worth of food. She told him that he needed to tell his mom to pay it back, but she wasn’t going to let him go hungry.

She said that she told the boy quietly, “I quietly said, ‘Tell mom you need money'”. The boy did so and paid his dues the very next day. However, that wasn’t enough for the school, who saw the cafeteria worker as ignoring protocol.

The food vendor released a statement saying the district manager witnessed Kimball violating their “cash handling procedures, the school’s charge policy and federal regulation governing free meals.”

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Kimball had worked for the company for five years with an exemplary record, but her kindness has been punished. She has since said that she was following her direct supervisor’s orders.

What happened next

Two of her colleagues have resigned in protest. Reports suggest that staff and students at Mascoma Valley Regional High School are supporting her, too.

What’s more, celebrity chef José Andrés has offered her a job at one of his restaurants as a result of her kindness.

The cafeteria worker did breach protocol, but to feed a hungry child. Would you let a child starve just because they need to wait until the next day to pay for their school lunch? Kimball did the right thing, but she is being punished for her kind actions.

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