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Saxophone Player With Down’s Syndrome Plays At Grandpa’s Funeral

By - 22nd March 2019
Teen plays saxophone at grandpa's funeral

Matt Lomaka loves playing his saxophone. The young lad who also suffers from Down’s Syndrome practises every day and really enjoys playing the notoriously tricky instrument.

When his grandpa sadly passed away, Lomaka took the opportunity to honor him in the best way possible. He paid a loving tribute to his grandfather, who he called “G”. His performance touched people at the funeral, who shed a few tears.

Lomaka has lived his whole life with Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder which often affects learning and growth. However, he has put hard work and effort into learning and practising the saxophone, with spectacular results. Lomaka has come through life’s barriers to play this emotional performance in tribute to his grandpa. He proved that anyone can do something if they put their mind to it, and above all is an inspiration to us all.

Teen plays saxophone at grandpa's funeral

“The Heavens are singing along!”

Most importantly, his mom filmed the beautiful tribute, and it touched thousands of others on the internet. People have commented on the widely shared Facebook post, calling the performance “beautiful” and “incredible”. One commenter even went as far as to say “The Heavens are singing along!”

Likewise his mom Tina commented and described the performance best. She said that it was “a special goodbye from Matt. Not a dry eye.”

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