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Deaf Woman Hears Herself For The First Time, Then Mother-In-Law Reveals The Truth About Her Actions

By - 10th May 2018

Can you imagine not being able to use a basic sense? Not being able to walk or see, sadly, is a reality for a lot of people. One woman only recently managed to be able to hear for the first time. For Sarah Churman, one of these struggles was a reality.

Sarah Churman, a wife and mother was born deaf and had lived for 30 years without hearing a single sound. Sarah had not ever heard her husband say “I love you” or listen to her daughter’s laughter.

Simple things that we all take for granted like the sound of rain or birds chirping has never been heard by Sarah. But this was (hopefully) all about to change for Sarah. She had heard about a new implant that could potentially help her.

Sarah Churman was missing out on so many life experiences

Sarah Churman
Sloan and Sarah Churman with their two children.

Sadly, this new form of technology came with a large price tag. The implant cost $30,000 per ear – Sarah, unfortunately, couldn’t afford that. She knew that even being able to buy one would be a struggle.

Sarah and her husband Sloan worked together to try and make her dream a reality. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t budget fast enough to get the implant. All of their friends and family knew about their struggles. However, Sarah and  Sloan were utterly stunned to receive a kind gesture from somebody close to them.

Sarah’s reaction to hearing for the first time:

Sarah’s mother-in-law stepped in with the greatest offer imaginable. She told Sarah that she’d be willing to help purchase one of the implants for her with her retirement fund.

Sloan’s mother wasn’t a wealthy woman, but she wanted to make the sacrifice so that her daughter-in-law could hear their babies first words and giggles. She knew how much it would mean to her grandkids.

Sarah Churman
Sarah’s mother-in-law gave her the most selfless gift possible.

The video of Sarah’s first time hearing has been seen over 27 million times on YouTube. Naturally, Ellen DeGeneres and her team caught wind of Sarah’s emotional story and she invited her to the show.

Now, Ellen is known for her kind gestures and surprises. But Sarah had no idea what was going to happen when she went on the show. Ellen had a truly life-changing surprise for Sarah and all her family.

Make sure you watch the video below to see Ellen’s surprise for Sarah but also for Sarah’s mother-in-law. I warn you, you may need to get the tissues ready to wipe away the tears.

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