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Woman Hears Abandoned Dog Barking On Street, Runs Over To Help and Finds Heartbreaking Note Tucked In Collar

By - 12th December 2018

Samantha Harmon found herself in a very awful situation. She knew something was up when she spotted a dog after hearing him barking outside her home in Burbank, California.

She walked outside to find a small poodle mix wandering along around the streets of her neighbourhood. She managed to get close enough to the dog, but he was quite apprehensive.

As she bent down to pat the dog to reassure him, she noticed a handwritten note tucked underneath his harness. She opened it up and read the note.

“Hi I’m Max, I’m 18 months old, I’m alone. Take me.”

Samantha Harmon

Samantha was heartbroken to think that someone could abandon a dog as adorable as this little creature. Samantha wanted to adopt him but she already had pets and knew she wouldn’t be able to manage one more addition. However, she was determined to make sure that somebody else could help Max out.

That’s when Samantha Harmon decided to bring Max to the Burbank Animal Shelter

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before local animal lovers were all calling up to take him home. The demand became so much that the Burbank Animal Shelter staff decided to set up a raffle to adopt Max.

A lady named Maya ended up winning the raffle and she was thrilled to bits. Sadly, Max wasn’t bonding well with her dogs, so Maya asked if she could give her ticket to another raffle hopeful named Cheryl.

Cheryl was also smitten by Max and Maya knew that she didn’t have any pets of her own so she thought it would be nice for her to have one. However, the shelter staff said they couldn’t just transfer the winning ticket as it would be unfair to other people who entered the raffle.

They reran the raffle and unbelievably, Cheryl won this time! It just goes to show that destiny certainly put everything into place. Now, Cheryl is so emotionally happy that Max has been able to fill a void in her life and the two have bonded beautifully.

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