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Runners Hear Rustling Coming From Woods, When They Realise What It Is They Race To Help

By - 15th March 2018

While out on a cross-country run in Tennesse, Ashley Blake expected to see beautiful views and maybe the odd fellow-runner on her journey. The last thing she expected was to save a life… or five!

Ashley and her running partner, Joshua Scott, were 6 miles into their 14 mile trek through Frozen Head State Park when they entered a wooded trail. As they were passing through, they suddenly heard a faint sound just off the path. They stopped, concerned, and began to look for where the rustling sound could have come from.

Spotting a black shape in the wood, they cautiously inched toward it. But before they could get too close, they realised just what it was.

Five tiny, black puppies were huddled together in the freezing outdoors, trying to keep warm.

Blake and Scott called up park officials for help and then carefully tended to the frightened puppies. The puppies were freezing and as soon as they realised Blake and Scott weren’t there to harm them, they curled up into them to keep warm. The puppies’ heroes had arrived.

When the park ranger arrived, it became clear that the poor pups weren’t there by accident. A quiet road passed through the woods, not too far away, which had been attracting people to abandon their animals there. How terrible!

They were dumped without food, water, blanket or mother. The park ranger said this isn’t the first time pups have been dumped at this spot.

The three rescuers carried the puppies to the ranger’s car and he took the puppies to safety at his house. Thank goodness Blake and Scott had stopped when they heard the faint rustling in the wood!

Blake and Scott continued on their run, but they couldn’t stop thinking about the abandoned puppies.

The ranger kept the five puppies at his house that night before he made arrangements for them to be taken to an animal shelter. But before he could take them the next day, he was paid a visit by Blake and Scott.

They wanted to check in on the puppies they had rescued and Scott was so in love with one particular pup that he decided to adopt him for himself. Meet Barkley.

While Barkley now lives with Scott in his forever home, the other four puppies are still looking for their own new families. The four remaining puppies, lovingly named Winnie, Winky, Wendy and Willow, are currently available for adoption at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

Hopefully it won’t be long before the four puppies find their own loving homes and can live the happy lives that they deserve. Thank goodness that Blake and Scott were in the right place at the right time to save the gorgeous puppies from a terrible fate.

If you loved this story, share the awareness of the adorable pups with your friends – who knows, you may help the four siblings to find their forever homes. ?