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Court Sees Emotional Reunion With Dog After Long Battle For Ownership

By - 30th August 2019
dog choose real owner court

We can’t imagine what the pain of losing your dog is like. But, this man’s beautiful puppy escaped from his back yard. He had no idea where it went. Until, one day, it turned up in the most unlikely of places. However, his new owner wasn’t giving him back. So, he took her to court to settle it once and for all.

When the man’s dog escaped, it got into the wrong hands. This was not someone who wanted to return the dog to its owner, but who wanted a quick profit. So, she sold it on the street. The unexpected woman who bought the dog thought everything was legitimate and had a brand new pet who she grew to love.

dog choose real owner court

That was her story, anyway. How legitimate is buying a dog on the street anyway? It’s no wonder she ended up in court. We all know shelters are the best place to get a dog, but failing that a pet shop is better than from a stranger.

Somehow, the dog’s original owner found him. It is apparent they lived in the same neighborhood. But, when the woman wouldn’t give him back, he took matters into his own hands. The pair appeared in court on popular television show Judge Judy.

dog choose real owner court

There they disputed the true owner of the dog, who the man called Baby Boy. His new owner had vet’s notes and certificates but admitted she bought him on the street. So, Judge Judy came up with a novel way of deciding who the owner was.

She sent someone to get Baby Boy, and let him decide who he loved more. The answer was clear. He didn’t even look one way but ran straight into his true owner’s arms. Watch the video to see who he picked.

dog choose real owner court

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