Return to top After 8 Years Of Service, Officer Honors K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call That Will Melt Your Heart

After 8 Years Of Service, Officer Honors K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call That Will Melt Your Heart

By - 22nd May 2018

When K-9 Faust clambered into the squad car with his partner Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, it was business as usual for the police dog. But Faust was soon to become a retired K-9.

retired K-9

The police duo are certified in the Explosives Detection and Patrol. Schaffer and Faust have responded to hundreds of calls together over the years. However, this day was a little different.

Faust had become quite accustomed to the seat in the police vehicle where he travels with his human work buddy. Faust’s ears lift when he hears the familiar sounds of officers on the radio.

This call would actually be Faust’s last call of duty. After 8 years and 1 day of service on the job, it was time for this faithful and hardworking K-9 to hang up his badge.

Faust had officially become a retired K-9

It was a bittersweet moment that was caught on camera. Officer Schaffer sent out the loyal pup’s last call and the response back left us feeling a little emotional.

retired K-9

When Special Agent Schaffer sent out Faust’s last call, a female voice begins to speak back to him over the radio. Faust gets cuddled by his partner as the familiar voice gives the canine an emotional send-off.

Schaffer later wrote on his Facebook page, “Thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift”. Truly Schaffer and his pup pal had a strong bond and he will be sadly missed in active duty.

This retired K-9 companion has left a long-lasting impression on his human. Faust will be greatly missed by the team but now he can enjoy his retirement and the rest of his dog days in peace.

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