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Shelter Dog Realises That He’s Going Home And His Reaction Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

By - 26th July 2018

It’s been scientifically proven that having a pet decreases your chances of having depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s also been proven to lower your blood pressure and boost your immunity. But despite all of these proven benefits, there are still so many dogs spending their lives cooped up in animal shelters. But a rescued pup will be eternally grateful.

rescued pup

There are approximately 6.5 million animals being sent to animal shelters across the nation in a single year. Out of this astonishing number, 3.3 million are dogs who are seeking a chance to be adopted into a new home.

Sadly, a lot of dogs who cannot be adopted due to old age and illnesses are euthanized. In fact, there are around 600,000 dogs who are being put down each year.

Now, animal shelters are trying their hardest to encourage people to adopt instead of buying from pet stores.

Benny, a male pit bull, was rescued from Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena California. He had no idea that he was high up on a list for being euthanized. Sadly, when people came to find a new pet from the shelter, Benny greeted them, hoping that one day he would be rescued. But days turned into weeks which turned into months and nobody did.

Thankfully, Benny did find a family who was ready to save him from being put down. When the shelter staff entered Benny’s cage, he wagged his tail with curiosity and anticipation.

As soon as they dangled a leash in front of him, the gorgeous pit bull knew it was good news.

We can’t begin to describe how happy this rescued pup was, but when you see his sheer elation you will understand.

Benny was so thrilled to have found a family to love and care for him. He couldn’t stand still. He ran everywhere, jumping as high as he possibly could.

Honestly, I could cry. I’ve never seen something as adorable as this. It’s the epitome of joy and happiness. We’re just so thrilled to know that Benny has found a forever home.

So let’s try to do this for more dogs. A rescued pup is one of the happiest dogs in the world. So let’s make this happen all over the world. Let’s all adopt more dogs instead of buying them.

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