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Rescue Kitten Meets Excited Dogs For The First Time And Has The Most Fearless Reaction

By - 1st March 2019

A kitten that was abandoned on the side of a road was adopted — happy ending, right? Well, the loving couple who have taken the kitten into their home already had a house full of rescue dogs, so naturally, they were concerned about whether the cat and dogs would get along. At first, the kitten was extremely shy, but then, a bond blossomed between him and the dogs.

He is definitely a playful kitten, with an eye for mischief. The couple like to call him a “karate kitten”, when he starts batting at the dogs with his paws. Even though he is surrounded by huge dogs, this little kitten is one fearless warrior, constantly approaching the others to play with him. Eventually, they became used to one another. So much so, he even shares his food dish.

This tortoiseshell kitten is now part of the pack, and his life is back on track. Named Rilu, he appears to be quite content with his new friends, as they are with him.

He still plays with other cats too, and climbs trees to the best of his ability. Rilu is also great at making other friends, such as hedgehogs, which he gives a great sniff. He lives a life of luxury, and receives free grooming appointments from his ‘dog boutique’ friends.

When it snows, you can see a mismatch of paw prints in the garden now. And Rilu is always invited to all the dog parties. Santa even paid him a visit at Christmas.

Rilu is now a special member of the Howl of a Dog rescue family, where he was originally rescued from. As were his canine friends. After a long day, there is a nice warm bed for him to have extensive cat naps, especially when he’s been on a particular long ‘dog’ walk, and just need somewhere to chill.

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