Return to top Strangers Spot Overturned Car In River – Then Realise Someone’s Still Trapped In Breathtaking Footage

Strangers Spot Overturned Car In River – Then Realise Someone’s Still Trapped In Breathtaking Footage

By - 30th August 2018

Emily and Phillip Ocheltree, 25, from Wills Point, Texas, were trying to flee from a powerful storm. However, as tornados tore through the state, their truck ‘hydroplaned’ and flipped over which left the couple trapped inside the car.

The rising flood waters were making their way into the car rapidly and the family couldn’t get out. What made matters worse was their two young children were in the back seat.

The parents of a 4-month-old baby boy called Marshal and their 18-month-old daughter Addyson (Addy), who was just a toddler, were both traveling in the car with their parents when the truck got caught in the storm and flipped over in the flood.

Emily and Phillip Ocheltree

The water was gushing into the truck and soon the family was submerging. Emily stated, “You can’t find your kids, you panic”

It was pitch black in the car and you can’t see anything, I’m banging on the roof, just yelling and screaming.

Thankfully, strangers spotted the upsidedown truck near Myrtle Spring and they rushed to see what had happened. They had to wade through some very aggressive waters, but luckily they did and they spotted Phillip and Emily stuck in the truck.

Korry Prox was one of the kind-hearted heroes who rushed to the scene and smashed through the truck window. Korry could hear someone screaming from inside when he ran towards them to help.

When he got to the couple, he heard them shouting that their babies were in the back and they needed saving.

When I heard that I went into panic mode.

One of the other rescuers was Herman Martinez. In the cellphone footage you can see the men struggle to get the doors open against the aggressive water.

Eventually, one man was able to reach inside the truck and grab the unresponsive baby Marshal from the backseat. You can hear him shouting “I need some f**king help!” as he waded through the water with the infant limply wobbling in his arms. Marshal wasn’t breathing!

The heroes managed to rescue a baby from a flooded car but they found the baby wasn’t breathing

Phillip and Emily said they felt “100% helpless” in the situation as they watched the rescue unfold, trapped in the car. Emily remembered thinking to herself:

Help them, give them life before you try and help me. I’m fine, I’m an adult. I can manage on my own, I will figure out a way to get out of this vehicle, they cannot.
Emily with her two kids, Addy and Marshal

Thomas Mitchell was also at the scene and he captured the footage on his cell phone. These heroes managed to rescue a baby from a flooded car by working as a team – even though they didn’t know each other and they risked their own lives.

No colour at all and the eyes was not focused when I looked down. This baby may not make it. There was no reaction, nothing is happening.

Thomas began to perform CPR on the baby and after a scary and long period of stillness, the baby suddenly gasped for air. Virginia Howard could be heard off-camera repeating a prayer “Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe!”

Thankfully, Mitchell managed to revive 4-month-old Marshal at the scene. “I don’t feel like a hero,” Mitchell tells Phillip as they hugged on Good Morning America.

I just wanted to help some folks out.

rescue a baby from a flooded car
Thomas Mitchell recorded the incident on his phone and performed CPR on Marshal

The rescuers also managed to free Marshal’s sister Addy and both parents. The whole family were saved by a group of heroes who acted as their guardian angels that day.

We’re just so glad these people managed to band together in tough conditions to rescue a family in need. Every single person who went to help put their own lives at risk to help save someone else’s life.

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell hugs Phillip Ocheltree when they reunite after the rescue.

Had these people not have been there, the Ocheltree family may not have made it out alive. I guess sometimes you can depend on the kindness of strangers.

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