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Rare White Ravens Spotted By Wildlife Photographer

By - 19th April 2019
white ravens

Ravens are a key part of many cultures and traditions, from Odin of Norse mythology to Edgar Allan Poe. They are highly intelligent, some even recognising human faces, and can live for 21 years. That is exceptionally long for a bird. However, they are most well-known for their jet black appearance. But one subspecies are the rare white ravens, who form a part of a whole other mythos.

The intrigue around white ravens began with legends. One tells the story of white raven helping humans to discover fire, before being turned black by the flames. As such, white ravens are rare and any sightings are filled with intrigue.

white ravens

However, one photographer has found a colony of the mythical irds on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Perhaps the legends are true…

Mike Yip is a local photographer, and has followed the family of white ravens for a few years. He snaps pictures of them in their natural habitat, and the images are as rare as the birds themselves.

white ravens

He first shared his bird photography in 2004. “As a result I soon established the reputation of the local ‘birdman’ and people started contacting me about strange bird sightings,” he told Reshareworthy.

But soon his reputation preceded him, and he received a call about a sighting. “At first I thought they were chickens, but when I focussed my camera, I saw that they were WHITE RAVENS,” said Yip. “I was so excited that I almost forgot to take some photos.”

white ravens

The next year he received another call, this time from a friend. There had been more sightings, and this time the ravens were fearless.

He grabbed hundreds of great photos of the legendary birds, and watched them play happily.

white ravens

Technically the ravens suffer from a rare genetic disorder, leucism, but we’d prefer to think of them as mystical and mythological!

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white ravens

All photos courtesy of Mike Yip.