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Owner Struggles For Hours To Fit Baby Gate — But Their Dogs Unexpected Reaction Left Millions Laughing

By - 2nd November 2018

We know that dogs can be a little mischievous at times – especially puppies! Sometimes their playful nature can cause havoc (even if the intentions aren’t bad). But this one little pup certainly doesn’t want to play by anybody else’s rules. So what does he do? He plans his own great escape.

For most dog owners, they’ll know that leaving a little dog at home while you go to work or to the shops can be challenging. You could come home and see all your shoes chewed up or a huge mess left in the kitchen. So what do you do?

One owner decided to put up a baby gate to prevent their tiny puppy from roaming too far around the house while he was still being trained. Sounds like a good idea, however, they soon found out the little dog was small enough to fit through the gaps underneath the gate.

Because of this, the owner decided to get some old towels and weaved them through the bottom bars to prevent their dog from crawling out to freedom. This seems like the perfect plan.

Think again… The dog clearly wasn’t planning on staying in that small square for long. So he decided to start pulling on the towels in the hopes of getting out.

The tiny dog starts pulling the towels and the baby gate to try and make their own great escape

dog's great escape

In the video, you can see the dog working tirelessly to try and free themselves from the confines of the baby gate. In this time-lapse video, we see the dog working on different angles and at different parts on the gate to try and unthread them.

However, we didn’t expect them to get out quite the way they did! But what’s sweetest is that once the little dog managed to escape, he adorably went back to collect his favourite toy to come on his next adventure with him.

Have your dogs ever done anything like this? Do they stop at nothing to do what they want? Send us some pictures or videos of examples and share your stories in the comments. We’d love to see what your devious dogs get up to.

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