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Puppy Gets Abandoned From His Litter And Is Depressed, Until He Meets The Most Unlikely Friend

By - 16th February 2018

Friendship has no boundaries – it comes in all shapes, sizes… and species apparently. Sri Ram the puppy and Bernie the calf are proof that true friends can see past their physical differences to love the soul within.  Sri Ram, the abandoned puppy didn’t have the best start in life, but that was all to change.

While Sri Ram and Bernie came to know each other through unfortunate events, it all worked out in the end when they got a new home and a new family. Without Juliana Castañeda, the founder and director of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia, the pair may have not survived for too long, but now they get to live happily together for the rest of their lives.

One day, Juliana came across a bag of four abandoned puppies while out in the woods of the sanctuary grounds. She brought the poor puppies home with her and tried to adopt them to loving homes. Sri Ram was the only abandoned puppy who was not adopted, so Juliana kept him with her.

Meanwhile, Bernie the baby cow had been born on a dairy farm. Due to Bernie being male, he was not considered desirable by the farmers so his owners set out to sell him. When his owners realised that he would likely meet an upsetting fate in a slaughterhouse, they changed their minds and took him to Juliana’s sanctuary, hoping that she would give him a better home.

Bernie and Sri Ram didn’t know it then, but they were destined to become the best of friends.

As soon as the puppy and calf met, they became inseparable. Juliana says that the pair both think they are big dogs and don’t even notice that they are different species.

5-month-old Sri Ram and 3-month-old Bernie play outside for hours together every day and once they’re tired out, they snuggle up for a nap together.

Bernie even likes to cuddle up to his human friends just as much as he does his furry canine friends. He even hops up on the bed with them all.

Along with the horse, pig, quail, pigeon, three rabbits, seven chickens, two turtles, 13 cats, and 35 dogs who call the sanctuary ‘home’, they will all happily grow old together.

Watch the video below to see the adorable best friends in action. Do you know of any unusual friendships? Leave your thoughts in the comment below and share Sri Ram and Bernie’s cute friendship with your friends. ?