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Puppies Stuck In Rock-Solid Tar Cried Out For Help, But Wait Until You See What They Look Like Now

By - 5th October 2018

There aren’t many things sadder than seeing an animal in peril. So when someone spotted three tiny puppies stuck in a pool of solid tar in India, our hearts sank. Thankfully, the Animal Aid Unlimited team got straight to the scene to begin their rescue mission and save the puppies in tar.

Three little puppies were discovered in a pool of tar. They’d managed to get stuck in the glue-like substance and quickly found themselves locked into the solidified tar.

The tiny pups were terrified, you could hear them crying and screaming for help. Thankfully, somebody heard their cries and after investigating, they called the Animal Aid team for assistance.

It was truly a harrowing sight, especially when they noticed one of the little dogs had their mouths stuck open from the tar. Their cries almost brought us to tears.

puppies in tar

The team knew they had to save the puppies in tar fast as they were starving and malnourished

Immediately, they noticed that it would be impossible for the puppies to free themselves. They also knew they couldn’t completely free the dogs right there so they had to chisel away and cut around the slabs of tar to be able to transport the puppies to a safe location.

All three puppies were freed but they were still attached to a lot of tar and earth. They rushed the puppies to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital where they worked on freeing the dogs from the trap.

Using oils, the team managed to soften the tar. For the next few hours, they massaged the oils into the dogs’ fur to soften the tar to remove it from their bodies.

After countless hours, the team managed to save the dogs. Honestly, seeing them now is like a completely different trio of dogs. They look so giddy, happy and full of life. We’re just glad the team found them when they did!

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