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Mini Dwarf Pony Born Unable To Walk Gets New Legs, Now Watch Her Gallop For The First Time

By - 25th April 2018

There’s nothing more majestic than watching a horse gallop majestically through the fields. However, for one little pony, this seemed like an impossible adventure.

Pumpkin the mini dwarf pony was born with an inability to walk. She could barely wander a few steps without her legs giving up on her. Pumpkin had to be carried everywhere and spent a lot of time inside so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

Everybody loves Pumpkin the pony

Ashley DiFelice, the founder of Twist Of Fate Farm & Sanctuary in West Grove, Pennsylvania, didn’t want to see little Pumpkin suffer for much longer. Pumpkin had far too much spark that wasted on her inability to walk.

Pumpkin the pony’s legs were too unstable to walk. Vet’s recommended she stay indoors so she wouldn’t injure herself.
“She’s just this giant ball of fire inside this tiny body!”

Ashley’s 3-year-old son, Deacon, instantly fell in love with Pumpkin and the two seemed to really bond with each other. Deacon always wanted to play outside with Pumpkin but vets recommended that Pumpkin stays in the stalls indoors for safety. This broke Ashley’s heart.

That’s when Ashley decided to get in touch with somebody who might be able to help Pumpkin walk properly. Ashley and Pumpkin’s vet met up with Derrick Campana, founder and CEO of Bionic Pets.

Pumpkin the pony
Pumpkin the pony is finally getting the chance to gallop and graze with her friends and family thanks to her new leg braces.

From there, the two started working on getting Pumpkin back up onto her feet and ready to enjoy the great outdoors. Will this adorable little unicorn (Deacon’s words) be able to gallop freely in the fields?

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