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Teen Is Rejected Before Homecoming In Front Of The Whole School, Days Later He’s Stopped By 13 Girls

By - 10th October 2018

For most kids, asking somebody to prom can be a daunting task. There have been countless viral videos of the perfect ‘prom proposals‘ and touching moments of kindness from students all across the country. However, with every great prom proposal comes a handful of prom rejection moments.

Not every prom proposal goes well, in fact, sometimes they can go up in flames. It takes a lot of guts to ask somebody to be their date to the prom, especially when you’re not the most confident person.

Dakota Nelson, a high school sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, wasn’t the most popular person at school, but he wanted to experience the homecoming dance with a date.

Dakota had never asked a girl out before, so he wanted to make sure his big moment was done correctly. He made a big poster asking a girl to homecoming in the school hallway in front of their classmates.

prom rejection

However, Dakota didn’t think he would experience a prom rejection…

Sadly, the girl said ‘no’. This broke Dakota’s spirit. How do you recover from a moment like that? He had asked in front of a lot of people, kids were laughing and he felt awkward and mocked.

Dakota walked away from the laughing students feeling utterly devastated. He didn’t want to face any of his fellow students.

It was actually a pretty tough moment standing in a small circle with that one shake of the head and you just got to find your way out of that circle.

What made matters worse was that Dakota’s prom rejection was captured on camera and shared on Facebook. It actually received a few thousand views. People all over the internet had witnessed this poor boy’s homecoming nightmare.

But a few days later, Dakota arrived back at school. He didn’t know that behind the scenes, some kindhearted students had been planning a surprise for him.

Some girls who had seen what had happened and felt bad for Dakota. They wanted him to still have his homecoming dance and enjoy it. So 13 girls, made up of some classmates and some cheerleaders, decided to individually ask Dakota to homecoming.

They all appeared in the hall holding a sign and flowers. Dakota who had just been rejected ended up going to homecoming with 13 girls – I think he had the last laugh in the end.

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