Return to top 5-Year-Old Breaks Protocol & Enthusiastically Hugs Prince Harry And Meghan, Our Hearts Are Melting

5-Year-Old Breaks Protocol & Enthusiastically Hugs Prince Harry And Meghan, Our Hearts Are Melting

By - 17th October 2018

It’s not hard to see why the world fell in love with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They seem to be genuinely kind people and they are the ‘relatable royals’. After their pregnancy announcement this week, people are more fascinated. While visiting the outback city of Dubbo, Australia, on their royal tour, the couple ended up getting a very warm welcome from one schoolboy.

They arrived in Dubbo where they were greeted by 150 students from nine different schools in the area. Meghan and Prince Harry were met by local politicians and dignitaries but one little boy stood out. Prince Harry, in particular, seemed to bond with this little boy.

Five-year-old Luke Vincent managed to steal the hearts of the royal couple when they met him. The student from Buninyong Public School was one of the last students to greet the royal couple. But his attention immediately fixated on Harry.

As soon as the prince walked over, Luke wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck as he gave him the biggest hug ever.

Little Luke pulled away and then began to play with Prince Harry’s beard

When the adorable little boy was introduced to Meghan, he handed her a bouquet of flowers and embraced her tightly before going straight back to Harry to give him another hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The school principal, Anne Van Darrel, said the young boy was mesmerized with Prince Harry’s beard.

He got a hug from Meghan and then Harry bent down to speak to him and Luke didn’t give him any choice.

She continued to say, “Luke’s favorite person in the world is Santa Claus, who has a beard. So he rubbed Harry’s beard.”

The Royals were pretty cool about the whole situation. Meghan seemed smitten by the little boy and Harry kept laughing at the situation. Seeing the royal couple interact with this adorable little boy makes us all extra excited to see how these two great people will be as parents.

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