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Postman Makes Sure Dog Gets A Letter Even When There’s No Mail

By - 30th August 2019
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Does your dog fetch the post? That feels like something only true in films. Or, if you need an excuse for why you haven’t done your homework. Well, one dog called Pippa collects the post every single day. However, the postman started to feel bad when the house didn’t get any post. But, luckily he came up with a genius idea.

Martin Studer is an Australian postman. Australia is a pretty big country, so we reckon he has a big round before he’s done for the day. Of course, he will only cover a small area, but some places have houses that are miles apart. Anyway, this means he sometimes needs cheering up when he’s on the road.

postman dog

That’s where Pippa comes in. Pippa is a gorgeous dog who lives at one of the houses Martin delivers post to. She comes up and greets him with a grin every day. She then takes the post in her mouth and delivers it to her family. She’s incredibly well trained!

However, some days Martin doesn’t have anything to deliver to Pippa and her family. So, he came up with a plan. The clever postman started writing notes especially for Pippa on forgotten package slips. This meant she always had something to take into the house! And, as a bonus, it meant that Martin and Pippa always got their daily interactions.

postman dog

This would definitely cheer both of them up, we’re sure!

“Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect,” he explained. “So I have to improvise.”

Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there's no mail for her to collect. So i have to improvise. 🙂

Martin Studer 发布于 2016年8月17日周三

His Facebook post has since gone viral. Their beautiful relationship is amazing, even though they only see each other once a day!

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