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Pony Takes Elevator Onto Hospital Ward To Surprise Poorly Birthday Boy

By - 14th August 2019
pony hospital birthday

Hospitals are grim places. Many people don’t like them, and it’s easy to see why. For kids, they can be even scarier. So you can imagine that there would be nothing worse than spending your birthday in a hospital ward. Unfortunately, that was the reality this year for Birmingham, UK, resident Nate Williams. His parents wanted to make sure it was still a birthday to remember, however, so they got a pony involved.

That’s right, a pony! Olaf the pony patiently got the elevator up to Nate’s ward and surprised him, complete with a unicorn horn. Olaf really helped to make Nate’s seventh birthday really special, and one that he and his family will remember forever.

pony hospital birthday

“Over the last few months, as Nate’s named consultant, we’ve been talking more about how we can help the family with memory-making for his health journey, with the knowledge that he has a life-limiting condition,” said Dr Zaf.”We’ve been working hard to turn the plans for ‘Project Pony’ into reality for a little while and we were all delighted to have made it happen.”

Nate has been in and out of hospital since his premature birth, with an undiagnosed life-limiting condition that impacts his heart, lungs, and gut. He also suffers from a rare condition called Klinefelter syndrome.

pony hospital birthday

Mom Joanne Williams was very happy with how amazing hospital staff had been in caring for Nate and organising his birthday surprise. “We’ve been told ever since Nate was born that there’s always a possibility of the worst happening,” she said. “But he’s such a character, a real fighter. He might have more to come but, if this was his last birthday, it’s been one we’ll all never forget.”

Olaf is Nate’s pony, but Joanne didn’t expect it to get on the ward. The logistics just seemed too much. “It was amazing for Nate, it really did make him smile,” she said. “He has such a bond with Olaf, a rescue pony who we’ve had since he was six-weeks-old. When it came to say goodbye he said ‘bye Olaf, love you.’ It was just so lovely.”

pony hospital birthday

Nate is fighting hard, and this amazing birthday gift will have given him some strength for sure! Let us know what you think in the comments, and share with your family and friends.