Return to top Cops Record Epic Version Of ‘Footloose’ For Lip Sync Challenge, And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

Cops Record Epic Version Of ‘Footloose’ For Lip Sync Challenge, And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

By - 13th August 2018

We know that the police force works to keep us protected, our streets safe and people happy. But what you may not have known is that behind every uniform is an officer who wants to have some fun. But this police Footloose lip sync challenge submission is taking fun to the next level.

Recently, there has been a huge surge of fun videos, dance routines and excellent lip-sync madness from police officers all around the country.

We’re still pretty surprised that the lipsyncing police trend became the viral success that it has, but we’re so happy it did! It seems that up and down the country, police departments are trying to one-up one another in a nationwide lipsync battle to challenge RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We’ve seen some officers lipsync a full routine to Uptown Funk as well as other officers lip syncing with their K9 companions.

police Footloose

This police Footloose routine has raised the bar for police department lip-sync performances.

The Nixa Police Department in Missouri decided to get involved in the challenge. They knew they had to raise the bar. They grabbed their dancing shoes and dusted off their old VHS copy of Footloose to learn the routines.

Footloose is one of the greatest sources for that feel-good dance vibe. We all know the songs, especially the title track by Kenny Loggins.

Apparently, the Nixa department feels the same way we do. This is why they invited people in the local community to join them and “kick off their Sunday shoes”. This video truly showcases the power of community. Young and old residents dancing alongside the officers is both heartwarming and fun.

Since the Nixa Police Department posted their incredible routine, it’s been shared thousands of times. When they uploaded the video on Facebook, they put a caption stating that they didn’t hire a fancy editing team; everything was done in-house:

No budget, no production company (shot and edited by our Public Information Officer who studied film production). And all officers donated their time to participate. We believe in being responsible with tax payer dollars and we made an extra effort to do so while having fun.

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