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Police Dog Learns How To Perform CPR To Save His Partner’s Life

By - 26th June 2018

Dogs are so intelligent, loyal and they constantly prove themselves to be valuable members of society. They are used to fight crime, lead the blind and warn their owners of impending issues with their health. While all dogs are ‘very good boys’, when this police dog gives CPR to his fallen officer, he has to be the goodest boy of them all. 

The Madrid Police recently shared a video on Twitter of their police dog, Poncho, jumping into action to save an officer’s life in the most incredible way. The amazing video has already been watched over 2 million times and counting. People all over the world are praising Poncho for his brave actions.

The clever police dog gives CPR to his officer partner

In the viral video, the hero dog is seen administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to his beloved officer partner. The clever pup who works for the Policía de Madrid is seen running over to his human to rescue him. He jumps up and down on his human’s chest repeatedly before lying his ears close to his mouth to hear if he is breathing. After several attempts, the officer is ‘revived’ and Poncho gets a huge cheer from the onlooking crowd for his valiant efforts.

police dog gives cpr

The video may have only been a demonstration, but it shows the amazing things that dogs are capable of. As if we needed another reason to love dogs any more than we already do…

In the Policía de Madrid’s tweet, they wrote: “Heroic performance of our #Compañerosde4Patas Poncho, who did not hesitate for an instant to “Save the Life” of the agent, practicing #RCP in a magisterial way.”

police dog gives cpr

They concluded the Twitter post with a perfect quote by Dr. John Billings, encouraging the adoption of pets and how much joy they bring to our lives. The quote couldn’t be truer.

The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than you love yourself.

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