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Clever Cat Figures Out How To Break Into Locked Room, The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

By - 18th October 2018

Cats are pretty independent creatures. They like to venture around of their own accord and most of them act like your house belongs to them. But sometimes, their mischievous behavior can be for the cutest reasons. Don’t believe us? You’ve not met Pokey the cat yet!

Pokey the cat is a pretty special creature. Why? Because Pokey has a heart as big as the moon and a whole lot of love to share. You see, Pokey was a foster kitten back when he was very little.

He was also a singleton, meaning he was one abandoned cat, not part of a litter. This can make the little kittens troublesome if they’re not brought up properly.

Pokey joined a foster family who has fostered over 90 cats over the years. But there was something really special with Pokey. They were beginning to fall in love with the tiny kitten and before long, they knew they had to adopt him!

They contact the place where they fostered him from and before they asked the question, the staff said ‘yes’ – they had already seen how much the couple had bonded with Pokey.

After that, they took a couple of years off fostering to let Pokey climatize to his new home. They didn’t want him to start feeling scared or abandoned again.

But when they did start fostering again, something amazing happened. They noticed that doors had started opening without their knowledge. It was Pokey. He had figured out how to open the doors.

Pokey the cat had learned how to open the doors around his house so he could get to the kittens

Not because he wanted to hurt them, he just wanted to check up on the kittens to see if they were okay.

Pokey would groom and hug the kittens, he even started teaching them the way around the house. They instantly bonded, and much like the human couple, Pokey the cat also acted as a foster parent to the kittens that came into their care.

Watch Pokey the cat on his adorable mission to cuddle and love the foster kittens in the video below. You will fall in love with him as soon as you see him. It’s easy to see why his foster parents couldn’t let him go!

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