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Man Wakes To Discover Surprising Visitors On His Front Porch – A Whole Family Of Lynx

By - 20th April 2018

Tim Newton is a photographer from Alaska so seeing the wildlife wander around his property is not something abnormal to him. That is until he spotted something that he never thought he’d see on his porch.

One night, as Tim was fast asleep, he was unaware that a whole family of lynxes had made their way to his front porch and treated it as their new favourite place to relax. It was only when a loud noise woke him up that he realised what was going on.

He’d found a playful lynx family on his front porch

“It was right near dawn. I heard some noises; it was like something scrambling on the deck,” Tim told The Dodo.

“Coming out of my slumber, I thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ So I put on my bathrobe and slowly eased back the curtain. And right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. He was sitting there watching his siblings race by.”

Tim managed to head outside and catch a better look out of his window where he noticed 4 little lynx kittens playing around on his decking. Naturally, he grabbed his camera.

“They were running back and forth, pouncing on each other, I started snapping away. I thought, ‘Wow! What incredible luck. This just beats all. This is just wonderful!”

Now, lynxes are usually quite elusive animals who tend to keep their distance from humans. In fact, this sort of encounter was quite rare! Tim had spotted these gorgeous wild cats in the forest before, but that was from a distance in their natural habitat. It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After a few minutes of running around the decking, they scampered off into the woods. Tim thought their playtime was over but actually, it had just begun!

Tim heard the mother lynx beckon them and then around 7 kittens ran towards her. “To see all these lynxes on my deck, I was gobsmacked.”

The lynx family were so preoccupied with playing games that they didn’t spot Tim taking photographs from inside the house. At one point, Tim even managed to grab a family photograph of them all together.

lynx family

For the next 40 minutes, they continued to have fun while the mother tried to round up her lynx family.

“I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1 percent of their waking lives chasing rabbits, and 99 percent chasing their kids. What a handful!” 

Eventually, the lynx family scampered away into the woodland. Although this encounter was relatively brief, the memories for Tim will last a lifetime. He also has the photographic evidence to remember it by.

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