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Rude Giraffe Gatecrashes Couple’s Wedding, And The Photos Are So Much Better For It

By - 23rd August 2018

A wedding is one of the biggest days in any couple’s life. It’s the joining of two lovers, the start of a lifetime in unity and a chance to gather all your friends and family together in celebration.

But occasionally, you get somebody who gatecrashes the wedding – or the occasional photobomber. But two newlyweds never thought they’d see an uninvited guest turn up at their wedding quite like this.

We got photobombed by this beautiful, gentle giant during the wedding. He just walked up to us and was so inquisitive, hanging around for a good 20 minutes.

Luke and Tristan Karshagen are both from the beautiful Eastern Cape town of East London, South Africa. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, they chose to get married on a glorious sunny day.

After the ceremony, the wedding party took their photos on a Game Reserve at the Areena Riverside Resort. It was here, they made friends with a much-loved intruder to the wedding.

The couple’s wedding photos were photobombed by a giraffe

The couple took their photos outside to capture the beautiful landscape and gorgeous scenery.

It was here when Luke and Tristan met a curious giraffe who popped his head over the trees to see what they were up to.

We were all really excited and stopped what we were doing so we could watch him. The excitement quickly turned to nerves when he gracefully walked over the trees and straight into the area where we were taking photos.

In that moment we all just sort of scattered, bridesmaids one side into the bushes, groomsmen down the path and Luke, Tristan and I were just standing in the middle watching him.

The beautiful creature stood there watching the bride and groom before following the bridesmaids to sniff the bouquets.

A few shrieks and giggles could be heard from the bridesmaids but soon they realised he was a gentle giant.

The giraffe made his way to the middle of the path where Luke and Tristan were standing, so the photographer quickly told the couple to hold each other and go in for a kiss. This would definitely be the perfect photo opportunity! They never thought they’d be photobombed by a giraffe on their wedding day!

I was hoping to just get a photo with this beautiful giant in the background, but then he gave me even more than I could imagine by dropping his head and giving them a little nuzzle. It was the most incredible moment, and I think every single one of us was holding our breath. He then let Luke and Tristan give him a little cuddle, before turning and walking off down the pathway.

How incredible are these photos of this wedding day that was photobombed by a giraffe? Did you have any animal guests at your wedding? Did somebody photobomb your big day? At Happiest we love hearing from you. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?