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Penguins Hear Opera Music For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Priceless

By - 5th July 2018

Opera music is an acquired taste. The screeching sopranos and the bellowing tenors make a sound that not everybody enjoys. When these Antarctic penguins heard opera music for the first time, they weren’t sure how to process this new sound. 

Opera singer Nick Allen recently took a trip to Antarctica to witness the beauty of nature first hand, and her amazing creatures who survive the cold conditions. Upon coming across a colony of penguins on a hillside, he decided to treat them to an impromptu musical performance.

This has to be the most bizarre audience Nick has ever had, but the penguins were very grateful to receive a private performance, right? As Nick’s impressive voice soars through the Antarctic air, the penguins perk up their heads to register the unusual sound. But will they love opera or hate it?

opera music

Well, if the penguin’s reactions are anything to go by, I’m going to assume it’s the latter. Their hilarious reaction cuts Nick off in the middle of his verse as he realizes his audience isn’t too appreciative of his singing.

I don’t know about you but this hilarious video really tickled my funny bone. Don’t worry Nick, I think your voice is awesome. Don’t listen to the haters…

Watch the hilarious video below to see the penguin’s brilliant reaction to hearing opera music for the first time.

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