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Adorable Tiny Penguins Hold Hands And Take A Romantic Walk Along The Beach

By - 6th July 2018

Have you ever seen a penguin couple hold hands while walking on the beach? That’s couple goals right there! Us humans dream of things like this, but now we’re getting upstaged by animals!

Finding a soulmate can feel like a never-ending challenge for us humans. Finding the right person to settle down with and spend the rest of our lives with is a goal for most, but not always achievable.

Penguins are a different species altogether, they love companionship. Waddling around with their fuzzy partners is one of their favorite parts of life. A penguin’s love is a romance novelist’s dream!

Penguin couple hold hands on the beach and the footage has gone viral for being totally adorable

These two kindred spirits love taking long walks on the beach, just like a cliche dating profile bio. But as cheesy as it sounds, these are the relationship goals we dream of.

penguin couple hold hands
African penguin couple hold hands while they talk a romantic stroll on the beach

The footage of two loved-up African penguins enjoying a romantic stroll on a South African beach is like something out of a movie. Gazing out to sea while holding each other’s flippers.

The video is thought to have been taken at Boulders Beach, approximately 30 miles south from Cape Town. A colony of African penguins (sometimes known as ‘jackass’ penguins due to their distinctive braying sound) see this beautiful beach as their home.

Can somebody please take me here! I want to visit this beach and see these adorable creatures with my own eyes.

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