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Baby Penguins Cry Out As Predator Approaches, Then An Unlikely Hero Emerges To Save The Day

By - 24th January 2019

Penguins are adorable. There’s no question about it. And penguin chicks are even cuter with their fluffy bodies, tiny beaks, and cute chirps. So when a group of Emperor penguin chicks were threatened by a giant petrel, viewers of a TV programme were scared for their safety. 

The delightfully fun footage is from a BBC documentary called Spy in the Snow. The TV programme focuses on the creatures that live in the coldest parts of our earth. They use animatronic animals to infiltrate the animal world to get the most natural footage possible.

In this popular video clip, we get to see a drama unfolding in the every-day life of a penguin.

An adorable group of penguin chicks are waddling along in the snow, minding their own business, when a giant petrel approaches them. The nasty giant petrel attempts to grab one of the chicks and pull it away from the group.

Thankfully, the Emperor penguin chick manages to get away and the group huddle together to create a defensive circle. While the penguin chicks are defiant of their new enemy, they are only babies and one false move could result in a big mistake. But luckily, help is not too far away.

Over the snowy hill comes an Adélie penguin. Branded ‘the feistiest penguin in the world’, the Adélie races to the rescue and puts himself between the petrel and the chicks.

The giant petrel knows better than to mess with an Adélie and soon flies away, likely looking for other innocent creatures to torment.

Thanks to the feisty Adélie, the Emperor penguin chicks live to see another day. The penguins all waddle off into the sunset as if nothing ever happened.

This is possibly one of my favorite videos of the year already. I can’t stop laughing and smiling as the Adélie penguin waddles to the rescue. Not to mention the penguin chick that stands up for its friends the same way a human would. Penguins have the best personalities!

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