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Son Uses His First Paycheck To Pay Off Parents’ Entire Mortgage

By - 13th July 2019

What did you do with your first paycheck? It probably paid your bills or rent or, if you’re lucky, bought you some champagne! But 21-year-old Pavin Smith used his to pay off a mortgage. His parents’ mortgage.

You see, Pavin Smith didn’t get any ordinary job. He was the seventh overall draft pick in this year’s baseball draft. That amazing feat earned him a nifty $5 million bonus and a spot playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

pavin smith pays off his parents' mortgage

He wrote them a note explaining what he’d done and gave it to them for Christmas.

“Thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love. Because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where I am, I want our family home to be yours.”

He paid off their mortgage as thanks for all their help in his life. I must admit, if I could pay off my parents’ mortgage as a thank-you for all their help, I would. It’s just nice to see this young man using his big bonus so altruistically and selflessly.

pavin smith pays off his parents' mortgage

The only drawback is what he will get them next year! It’s a lot to live up to. I’m sure the first baseman will undoubtedly think of something great.

For now, he is focusing on his play for the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s an incredible talent for someone at such a young age. However, he is not only talented but also kind and selfless, too. Pavin is truly a well-rounded and talented individual at only 21 years old. We are sure he will have a successful career ahead of him, wherever it goes.

pavin smith pays off his parents' mortgage

But, his family will always be proud of him too. Proud for his baseball talent, but also proud of being kind and caring. They certainly raised him right.

Let us know what you make of this kind gift in the comments, and share with your family and friends. If you enjoyed, you can check out similar stories on Happiest. Like this one about an incredible act of kindness.