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Parisians Sing Hymns As Notre Dame Tragically Burns

By - 16th April 2019
parisians sing as notre dame burns

Notre Dame Cathedral is a piece of history and a huge part of French culture. It has stood for 800 years, and the world watched as its spire fell. Parisians were heartbroken, as was the world.

The cathedral inspired hundreds of legendary artworks and artists, including Victor Hugo (Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame). People have depicted it in artworks for hundreds of years, and it was a permanent landmark on the Paris skyline. Its stained glass windows are some of the oldest in the world.

It is as yet unknown how extensive the damage is. Firefighters were able to save many artefacts from inside, but the roof was unsalvageable. Videos flooded social media of the famous spire falling.

People Coming Together

However, the Parisians’ spirits could not be dampened. They raised their spirits to sing a beautiful hymn as they watched their cathedral burn before their eyes.

The beautiful but sorrowful video was also shared on social media, and if your heart wasn’t broken already… Their mournful optimism is eerily beautiful, but also tragic. Their voices are so beautiful, and such beauty at a time of tragedy is difficult to watch.

Notre Dame Cathedral is an iconic building, but it means so much more than its walls to so many people. Parisians and citizens of the world are mourning its loss. People believe in art, faith, beauty, history and the human expression, and Notre Dame represented it all.

parisians sing as notre dame burns

Above all, the spire falling made us all feel helpless. All the people of Paris could do was sing. It won’t help, it won’t do anything, but it’s something. They stood together and sang, and our hearts are with them.

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