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Paralyzed Girl Approaches Her Nurse In Wheelchair, When She Rises To Her Feet Everyone Loses It

By - 16th March 2018

In a career with so many hardships and very few victories, it is worth celebrating when someone gets a happy ending. For this nurse, when she discovers that a patient she had worried about was finally going to be OK, the relief and happiness within her was obvious. 

When teenager Bailey was left paralysed for no apparent reason, everybody worried if she would ever be able to walk again. While Bailey and her family worried and prayed, there was another person equally as concerned for Bailey; that was her nurse.

Her nurse cared for Bailey for 11 days of her frightening sudden paralysis and cared for her whenever she needed her. She quickly became her favourite person in those hard days.

After 11 days of caring for the paralysed teen, the nurse got the perfect surprise when she ran into Bailey in the hospital corridor at the start of her shift. As Bailey rolled toward her in her wheelchair, the nurse walked towards her for a hug.

Suddenly she got a huge shock as Bailey stood up from her wheelchair and walked towards her. To say that the nurse was happy is a major understatement. Screaming out, the nurse ran to Bailey and wrapped her up in her arms, sobbing and thanking the lord for healing her.

It’s an emotional moment as the two stand there holding each other and crying, sharing their happiness with each other. Our medical teams work around the clock and invest so much into saving people’s lives and it’s for these kind of moments that they do it.

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