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Paralysed Dog Unable To Walk Shocks His Rescuers By Doing The Unthinkable

By - 22nd December 2016

When Sidney was found on the streets of India, his back legs were paralysed and he fully unable to walk at all.

The poor pooch had a massive wound on his bottom and wad being overcome by dirt, infection and flies. He lay on the side of the road watching his life drift from his grasp.

You can watch the breathtaking video at the foot of this article.

A local to the area spotted Sidney’s suffering and opted to call Animal Aid Unlimited. Animal Aid is an incredible Animal welfare organisation in India, Without a second thought they rushed to help! When they arrived they realised that the situation looked rather bleak. Sidney had turned his head away from the road, he had given up looking for anyone that might help him, too sad to look at anyone anymore.

You can see in the video bellow, as soon as he realised the rescuers were there to help him, he immediately lifted his head and looked at them, and he did so with such gentle gratitude.

The Rescuers quickly gathered a blanket and rapped him up before they carried him away from his hell on the streets, they just prayed they were not too late and they could do something to help.


When they got back to their surgery they discovered that the wound on his bottom was severely infected and needed instant attention. They set to work cleaning it.

The Vets believed his back legs were fully paralysed and he would never walk again. They wouldn’t give up on him though, in vain, they decided they would try a course of physical therapy and see if they could make any progress.

This is where some serious magic starts happening and you can watch the full rescue bellow.

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