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Owner Throws Dying Dog Down Garbage Chute, Maintenance Man Saves His Life

By - 22nd February 2017

When Patrick the Pitbull was first discovered by the maintenance man he was clinging onto life by a thread

His disgraceful owner had deserted him, knowing that he was going to slowly die. Only to add to his pain, he had thrown the poor dog down the Garbage chute which was over 20 stories high!

It looked like angels were watching over Patrick as only second before he was crushed to death by the trash compactor the maintenance worker found the poor dog.

The maintenance worker knew that his next breath could have been its last so he rushed Patrick to an animal hospital in Newark, New Jersey. This is Patrick’s miraculous story.

Bellow is Patrick’s amazing story. He’s come so far now, just wait till you see him now.

He was discovered in a garbage bag, in the trash.

He looked like he wasn’t even alive, but somehow his heart was still beating.

He was rushed to Garden State Veterinary Services but they didn’t think he would last the night.

The angels must have been watching over him and he woke up the next morning.

Patrick was still in great danger, he only weighed 19 pounds and was freezing cold.

Every morning that he woke up was a miracle and they vets couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Everyone was praying for him and slowly he started getting better and better.

He started to eat more and with it, his fur slowly began to grow back. He even began to look like a dog again.

His worst days were behind him and he started to enjoy things again.

He even started playing again, just like a normal dog. He’d been through so much.

The hospital’s administrator, Patricia Smillie-Scavelli even went on to adopt him.

It took him just over a year but he actually returned to full health!

I think you will agree that this is the most amazing transformation! Patrick’s former owner was charged with neglect and abandonment and rightfully so.

Patrick’s former owner was taken to court and charged with neglect and abandonment, a truly evil man.

At happiest we’re all about highlighting the good in the world, Patrick’s story is a lesson to us all, love can do amazing things.

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