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Overprotective Big Sister Curls Up With Newborn Baby, But Watch As Grandma Tries To Take Her Away

By - 27th September 2018

There aren’t many things in life that are much sweeter than the love of two siblings. Seeing two siblings get along is pure bliss. In fact, we have a video that shows that even from day one, this big sister is very protective over her new little sister. But the overprotective sister is truly adorable, honest.

Ashley Neville recently gave birth to her second daughter, Peyton. Naturally, the whole family were thrilled and everybody wanted to hold the baby. But one person didn’t want to share, in fact, she was very protective of her new little sis.

Henley, Ashley’s firstborn child, who is only one and a half was thrilled about the new addition to the family. Henley was cuddling up to Peyton in the bassinet at the hospital in Pennsylvania.

This overprotective sister is quick to block anybody who tries to touch her baby sister

overprotective sister

The adorable little toddler doesn’t want anybody to get in the way of her cuddle with her new baby sister. Especially when their grandmother came over to pick up Peyton – Henley was having none of it!

Henley, you want me to take the baby? I’ll take her.

Immediately, Henley frowns at her grandmother and quickly pulls Peyton closer towards her. She may only be one and a half, but she’s very aware of the request from grandma.

When their grandmother asked again, Henley just shook her head and held her sister tighter. This honestly is one of the most precious things we’ve ever seen!

We can’t help but find this overprotective sister utterly adorable. Her big eyes look up at the adults hoping they don’t take her new sister away from her. She’s definitely going to make an awesome big sister.

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