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Onlookers Watch On As Man Ignores Warnings And Steps In Front Of Charging Elephants

By - 30th January 2018

It can be hard enough to get a human child to come running at the sound of their name, so to see a man manage to teach wild animals to answer to their name is absolutely fascinating.

Darrick, a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, has developed a special bond with the animals he takes care of. The elephants get so excited each time he comes to visit that they treat Darrick like he is one of their own. It’s not surprising, considering elephants are considered to be as emotionally intelligent as humans!

Over the years, Darrick has watched the elephants grow and develop into happy creatures, and he has been able to be a part of their lives on a special level. The elephants trust Darrick so much that they cuddle him, play with him and let him give them belly rubs. All of the elephants love Darrick, but there is one who is especially devoted to him, and that is Kham La.

When Kham La knows that Darrick is nearby, she can’t help but come see her best friend. So the volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park managed to film one of the magical greetings that Darrick receives each time he visits.

As Darrick stands in a field and calls out Kham La’s name, there is a sudden eruption of commotion and elephant trumpets blasting out in the distance. Suddenly, a small herd of five elephants, led by Kham La, come running up to Darrick, responding to his call.

Some people might be alarmed by the prospect of a herd of elephants running straight for them, but not Darrick. He has built up years of trust with the elephants and as they reach him, they immediately embrace him with their trunks and begin affectionately fawning over him. It is an amazing sight!

It’s easy to see why this video has gone viral and been viewed over 3 million times. The connections formed between humans and animals are truly magical. If you loved this video be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share the incredible video with your friends. ?