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Nurse Who Lost Arm In Crash Refused To Give Up, Her Violin Performance Is Mind-Bending To Watch

By - 3rd October 2018

For some people, facing a tragedy can put you into such a funk that you don’t know how you’ll ever carry on. 33-year-old Manami Ito lost her right arm in a car accident in 2004. But she didn’t want to let that get her down. In the years following, she’s become one of the world’s most remarkable and determined human beings.

Most people would put their lives on hold after a life-altering incident like Manami faced. But she continued to study whilst going through her physical rehabilitation and she became a certified nurse.

In the past 14 years, Manami Ito has achieved so much and inspired many to never give up

After the accident, Manami got herself a prosthetic arm. She noticed that some of the other amputees were playing basketball and that got her thinking; if they could play basketball, she could take up a sport as well.

Ito started swimming in 2007 and placed fourth in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. She also placed eighth in the 2012 London Paralympics.

But Manami didn’t stop there, she started learning to play an instrument.

When she’s not competing in sporting activities, she’s touring around the country. Manami Ito is Japan’s only one-armed violinist.

That’s right, she’s a one-armed violinist – and she’s pretty darn good as well! She began playing with a traditional prosthetic, but two years ago, Ito received a specially designed prosthetic limb that is much more lightweight and ultra functional for playing the violin.

In the video below, we see Manami performing with her new prosthetic at the Takarazuka City General Welfare Center in Hyōgo Prefecture. If this doesn’t inspire you to chase your dreams, nothing will!

Manami Ito one-armed violinist

Manami Ito is a one-armed violinist, Paralympic athlete, and a certified nurse – nothing is holding her back!

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