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Officer Stands In The Corner During Dancer’s Performance, Powerful Ending Has People Talking

By - 4th July 2017

Police officers can sometimes be some of the most undervalued and overly slandered human beings on the planet. Others think of the dangers police officers face daily and the great risk involved in their line of work, not to mention the tireless hours they commit to protecting our communities and ensuring our safety.

Tylar Olsen, a young dancer, chose to dedicate one of her dance routines to the unsung “heroes in blue” and her performance is truly breathtaking.

She starts quietly crouched in one corner of the stage but she has an unlikely partner on stage with her… A police officer standing motionless at the other side of the stage.

Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” begins to play as this talented dancer moves ever so beautifully to the powerful words.

“What is a policeman? He of all men is at once the most needed and the most wanted… He must be first to an accident, infallible with a diagnosis, he must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding, tie splints, and above all – make sure the victim goes home without a limp.”

The sensational performance is a unique combination of Tylar’s passionate dance routine being accompanied only by the lyrics of Harvey’s speech.

For those who haven’t heard Paul Harvey’s “Policeman”, I would strongly recommend watching the video below. It states various opinions and expectations that the world has towards police officers.

The piece states how most people feel about police, calling them “pigs” but also pointing out the many dangers in their work, the never-ending scrutiny they face and the many social stigmas they are associated with.

In the final moment, Tylar puts her hand on her chest and looks over her shoulder at the officer standing behind her – what she does next is certain to bring tears to your eyes!

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