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Officer Finds Pregnant Woman Sleeping On Street, On Hearing Her Story, He Instantly Rushes To Help

By - 7th February 2018

Despite people’s reservations about social media, it can often help to do good and this story is living proof. When Officer Tommy Norman posted on Instagram about a shocking discovery he made on his morning shift, he never could have guessed it would have such a positive impact. 

On June 13th, Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department, was on patrol when he came across a shocking sight on the sidewalk. He stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed a a heavily pregnant woman sleeping on the sidewalk, accompanied by a toddler.

Nudging the woman, he managed to wake her up and asked her why she and her child were sleeping on the sidewalk. The lady, Jessica Stinson, explained that she and her 2-year-old daughter had escaped domestic abuse back in March and had stayed at a shelter.

However, she had completed the maximum amount of time she was allowed to stay in the shelter and they had been cast out. With nowhere else to go, she had decided to sleep in public as it was safer than hiding in a back alley.


Moved by their sad story, Officer Norman took them to a local motel where he set them up for a few days. When he posted their tale to social media, suggesting that people could send clothing for the pair, he was overwhelmed by the positive response. Donations started flooding in.

Complete strangers began sending donations of baby clothes, shoes, toys and food. Jessica and her daughter Kayla’s lives changed overnight. It was clear to see how the generous donations had affected them for the better. They were smiling again and little Kayla, who had once been quiet and nervous, was now bouncing around with joy.

On top of the good news, just days later, Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who she named Xavier. The little family that just days before had been out on their luck, suddenly had all the luck in the world.

Thanks to Officer Norman’s posts on social media, he was able to find the family an apartment and a job at a local restaurant, for when Jessica was finished with maternity leave. Donations from all over the country managed to raise enough money to pay their rent for the first 7 months.

Thanks to the kind officer taking the time to help them, he was able to go above and beyond thanks to the power of social media and good samaritans. I guess social media isn’t all bad when it’s used for the right reasons.

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