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Cop Rants About ‘Grandpa’ Going Too Slow, Then Turns Around The Camera To Reveal Hilarious Sight

By - 23rd July 2018

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting caught behind a slow-moving ‘Sunday driver’ on the road. Sure, speedy drivers are dangerous, but slow motorists can also be a danger on the roads. Officer Bowman found himself stuck behind one of these people.

But it’s not just van drivers and your average Joe’s who get frustrated by slow road users. It turns out that the police can get a tad frustrated by the pace of traffic too. Maybe it’s more frustrating knowing that cars naturally slow down when they see a police vehicle nearby.

One cop found himself stuck behind a very slow mover on the road. Naturally, he decided to vent his road rage, like most drivers, would do.

It turns out this ‘grandpa’ on the road was seriously taking his time getting where he wanted to go and this cop is a busy guy!

The nerve of this guy… He’s literally going 1 mile per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.

I can’t work out if I feel sorry for the cop, or bad for the ‘grandpa’ that’s just trying to get about. Granted it was a little slower than he should.

Officer Bowman documented the occasion, filming himself venting his frustrations to the slow-moving road hog.

He shouldn’t be out on the roadways, to begin with.

Surely this has to be pretty unprofessional behavior. That is, however, until Officer Bowman spins the camera round to reveal the road hog.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this but it certainly made me laugh! Bravo for your sense of humor sir and doing the right thing by supervising someone in need.

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