Return to top 13-Year-Old Wants To Run Away From Home, When Cops Look Inside His Bedroom It All Becomes Clear

13-Year-Old Wants To Run Away From Home, When Cops Look Inside His Bedroom It All Becomes Clear

By - 16th May 2018

When 13-year-old Cameron Simmons made a 911 call to the Sumter Police Department, he never realised that one officer would go above the line of duty. Officer Gaetano Acerra was the man dispatched to Cameron’s home address.

When Officer Acerra arrived on the scene, the noticed Cameron was sitting on the front porch in tears. Gaetano asked the boy what was wrong and Cameron told him that he wanted to run away from home. Cameron Simmons’ mother had yelled at him that day for playing his older brother’s video games.

Officer Acerra was confused by the boy’s reaction

At first, the officer was taken back by the young boy’s reasoning. But rather than leaving him there, he decided to join the boy inside his home. When Officer Acerra stepped inside the house, he didn’t realise what conditions the boy was living in.

Officer Acerra and Cameron Simmons

Cameron led the officer to his bedroom and the officer only took one look to see what was wr0ng.

All of Cameron’s belongings were in trash bags, his room was almost empty. Cameron didn’t even have a proper bed to sleep on.

Officer Acerra soon learned that Cameron’s mother was struggling financially after moving the family from Texas to South Carolina so she could care for her sick relative.

The police officer wanted to do something for the boy and his family. So he decided to put together a surprise for Cameron. With some help from Cameron’s brother, Officer Acerra bought Cameron a new set of bedroom furniture.

But that wasn’t the end to his surprise. Cameron will never forget this moment and he was left in tears by the officer’s kindness.

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