Return to top Nurse Puts Dog Next To Terminally Ill Owner And Moments Later Witnesses A Miracle.

Nurse Puts Dog Next To Terminally Ill Owner And Moments Later Witnesses A Miracle.

By - 6th October 2017

Nobody knows us better than our pets. Some say our dogs have a sixth sense and can detect a potential intruder or will hug us when we’re sad. Some even have the ability to save lives.

In fact, that’s just what happened in the case of Andy Szasz from South Hampton, England. Andy had recently received the tragic news of a cancer diagnosis. And his schnauzer-poodle mix, Teddy, responded in quite a peculiar way.

Andy and his wife, Estelle, adopted Teddy in 2012. But shortly after, Andy began to feel ill and was suffering from severe stomach issues. After an emergency trip to the hospital, Andy learned that he had a rare and aggressive form of bowel cancer.

Luckily for Andy, he had Teddy, his little guardian angel. Not only did his pup provide love and support, but he sat with Andy through the painful nights.

Throughout the process, Teddy kept his master upbeat and full of energy, and soon enough, doctors gave Andy the good news; he was recovering from the disease and was officially in remission.

For the next few years, Andy, Estelle, and Teddy lived happily. But unfortunately, Andy fell ill once more. This time, he had come down with a case of pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital.

Shortly after, he stopped breathing and had to be transferred to intensive care. Andy’s health worsened and he was placed in a medically induced coma.

Estelle would spend every waking hour at the hospital by Andy’s side. She even went one step further, and though it’s not usually allowed, Estelle asked the hospital for permission to bring Teddy with her.

When Teddy entered and saw Andy in the hospital bed, he started barking immediately to try and wake him up. Then, Estelle and the hospital staff were astonished when Andy slowly started to emerge from his coma.

“Ted is such a remarkable little dog in many ways,” Andy recalled; “He’s clever, loving, loyal, funny, and a right little character.”

For his dedication to Andy during his recovery process, the RSPCA gave him an award and held a ceremony in his honor.

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