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Nurse Grants Patient’s Last Wish In A Beautiful Moment

By - 8th March 2019
Nurse sings to dying patient

Hospitals and hospices are difficult for anyone, let alone when a family member is going through their final moments and everything seems helpless. But Joshua Woodard knew he could do something special to ease one of his patient’s passing.


Maria was a piano and singing tutor in her older years and helped many students progress and develop their talents.  Joshua had been one of her pupils when he was nine years old, and had gone to her for singing lessons every week for years. The two had formed a special bond.

As an adult, he trained to become a hospice worker and started working at the Austinburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Austinburg.

He recognised his former teacher immediately, as their fates aligned and their paths crossed once more. It seemed like it was meant to be.

Nurse sings to dying patient

As a woman who spent her life teaching music, Maria loved nothing more than being surrounded by and listening to music. She asked her former pupil to sing a song that meant a lot to her, “How Great Thou Art”. The song had comforted her through difficult periods of her life, and she wanted it to comfort her once more.

By way of saying thank you for years of tutelage and a lifetime of kindness, Joshua got the lyrics on his phone and started singing. His training and talent were unmatched, and he performed a beautiful rendition of the hymn to grant Maria’s final wish. What he didn’t know, was that her daughter-in-law had been filming the entire thing.

Nurse sings to dying patient

Sadly, Maria passed away shortly after the footage was recorded. But Joshua will always know that he helped ease his teacher’s final moments.

Joshua’s version of the song is beautiful, but the situation makes it so much more perfect. Let us know what you think of his kind act and amazing voice in the comments.