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Nurse Adopts Abused Baby Girl, As She Signs Adoption Papers, Caseworker Drops A Huge Bombshell

By - 26th March 2018

When baby Delilah arrived at hospital in a serious condition, her future didn’t look like it held much happiness. But thankfully, an angel was on the way to save her, when a nurse decided to adopt the child.

In March 2017, 14-month-old baby Delilah was rushed to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. The poor tot had a fractured skull, several broken bones and was severely malnourished. It was clear to everyone that the injured baby had been abused and neglected by her caregiver.

When something as horrific as this happens, people question what kind of a monster could commit such a crime. But out of the dark, came a light in the form of an angel. That angel was Jess Hamm, a 30-year-old nurse in the paediatric intensive care unit.

When Jess met baby Delilah, she couldn’t believe the fighting spirit the poor baby had despite her many injuries. Her heart broke as she tended to her, and her heart was stolen the moment Delilah looked at her with her big, beautiful eyes and grabbed her finger. Jess decided there and then that she would adopt Delilah.

Jess had always wanted children and this was the perfect opportunity for her to adopt the child from a terrible situation and give her the family she always longed for.

As Jess sat down with caseworkers at the Florida Department of Children and Families to fill in the papers to adopt Delilah, she discovered some new information that changed everything. Delilah had a twin sister.

Delilah’s twin sister, Caroline, needed saving just as much as her. With this new information, Jess had a big decision on her hands…

Watch the video below to see Jess’ decision and what became of the beautiful twin sisters who needed a loving home more than anything. If you admire Jess Hamm’s incredible kindness and loving nature as much as we do, share her story with your friends to raise awareness of adoption. We need more people like Jess Hamm in the world. ?