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Real-Life Noah Saves Hundreds Of Animals In A Converted Bus

By - 14th June 2019
man rescues animals

Tony Alsup would probably be better known as a modern-day Noah. Instead of an ark, he has a bus. But he saves animals all the same.

Alsup is from Greenback, Tennessee, and bought the bus for this specific purpose. He converted it so it would be more comfortable for the animals he saves.

man rescues animals

He goes to areas where natural disasters are predicted and the people have been forced to evacuate. Animal shelters in these cities try to save as many as they can, but ultimately have to leave some behind. That’s where Noah – sorry, Tony – steps in. He saves these leftover animals and ferries them to safety.

Last year he travelled from his home in Tennessee to South Carolina. There, he saved more than 60 animals. He grabbed 53 dogs and 11 cats ahead of Hurricane Florence. But, he is reluctant to take credit for his work.

man rescues animals

“I’m like, look, these are lives too,” he said. “Animals — especially shelter pets — they always have to take the back seat of the bus. But I’ll give them their own bus. If I have to I’ll pay for all the fuel, or even a boat, to get these dogs out of there.”

He began his noble crusade during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Alsup saw reports of overcrowding at animal shelters and knew he could help.

“I thought, well what can I do?” he said. “I’ll just go buy a bus.”

man rescues animals

That’s exactly what he did. He picks up the animals in disaster-struck areas and transports them to places with more space in their animal shelters.

He has also rescued animals during hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“It’s all true. Tony swooped in at 4 a.m.Wednesday morning to pick up our ‘leftovers’ — the dogs with blocky heads, the ones with heartworm,” the Saint Frances Animal Center wrote on Facebook. “The ones no one else will ever take. And he got them to safety. Not the most conventional evacuation, but surely the one with the most heart.”

man rescues animals

Tony’s kindness doesn’t discriminate. He loves all animals. What do you think of his amazing work? Let us know in the comments and share with your family and friends. You can check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about an unexpected helper saving a drowning stag.