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126 NICU Nurses Win The Lottery, Then They Give Winnings To The Two Who Need It Most

By - 19th November 2018

I’m sure at one point in your life, you’ve dreamt of winning the lottery. In fact, I’m sure a lot of you have even bought a ticket before. You could win millions, potentially even billions if all plays out in your favor! But what this team of nurses did with their lottery winnings is truly inspiring.

For a lot of people, they band together with their coworkers and form a syndicate to buy numerous tickets to up their chances of winning. That’s exactly what a team of nurses in Missouri did.

126 people at the Mercy Children’s Hospital all took part, although they didn’t win the big jackpot. However, they did win $10,000. But after taxes, and with a lot of ways to split the money, the money each person would take home would be quite small.

After tax, each hospital worker would get around $56 so the group decided to forego their winnings and split the total between two people in the group who needed it the most

The first person who received half of the money was neonatologist Casey Orellana. Earlier this year, Casey’s husband Phil was diagnosed with cancer. By July he had to stop working after the cancer spread and the treatment became too intense.

Phil and Casey have 4 children and the responsibility for taking care of the household has fallen solely on Casey’s shoulders. Because of this, Casey has had to cut down her work hours which has put a financial strain on the family.

Before finding out that her lottery team was going to give half the winnings to her, she was wondering how she’d be able to continue to pay for Phil’s treatment.

But now their kind gift will help her family out a lot.

The second person that the Mercy Children’s Hospital NICU team decided to give their lottery winnings to was nurse Gretchen Post

Gretchen is a mom of three children, Hannah, Hackob and Jack. However, Gretchen had received some devastating news the same night as the Mega Millions lottery drawing. Gretchen’s youngest child, 17-year-old Jack, had passed away from suicide.

Gretchen and the family were understandably devastated by the news over the last few weeks. When she found out that half the lottery winnings would be given to her, she knew it wouldn’t mask the pain, but it certainly helped pay for her son’s funeral costs.

As you can understand, it must be awful for a parent to arrange a funeral for her child.

The 126 NICU coworkers may not have won the $1.6 billion jackpot they were hoping for. But the $10,000 lottery winnings definitely were a huge reward knowing that they helped two of their colleagues in need.

How beautiful is this story? We’re so happy to know that the coworkers rallied together. What a kind thing to donate their lottery winnings to those who needed it the most. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. ?