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Crying Twins Console Each Other After Being Born, Doctor Captures The Stunning Footage

By - 6th November 2018

Do you know any twins? Or are you actually a twin yourself? If so, you’ll definitely know how strong the bond between twins truly is. In fact, twin birth rates are actually on the rise according to Modern Mom website.

Back in 1980, roughly 1 in 53 U.S. babies were twins. By 2009 that number changed to 1 in 30 babies, which is a huge 76% increase. The reasons could be to do with modern medicine and new fertility treatments such as IVF. In fact, there are lots of interesting facts about twins. 62% of twins are brought into the world by moms over the age of 30.

Another interesting fact is that a set of twins can develop a private ‘language’ that only they understand. This ‘twin talk’ is known as idioglossia or cryptophasia. The second word is linked to the fact that their language is somewhat ‘cryptic’.

Dr. Rodgrigo da Rosa Filho from Brazil is a fertility specialist who knows all about the cryptic bonds between twins

Dr. Rodrigo helped found an assisted reproduction clinic called Mater Prime; the facility is spread across multiple locations across the Sao Paulo area. As you can imagine, Dr. Rodrigo has seen his fair share of twin births in his time.

Dr. Rodrigo shared a video on his Instagram account that shows how truly incredible the twin bond truly is. In the short clip, we see the crying twins bawling their eyes out as tiny newborn babies.

We see the newborn twins crying before an amazing connection begins…

But as you can see the babies are brought together and it doesn’t take them long before they stop crying once they make contact with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sibling hug be this effective.

But it’s so darn cute to see! Apparently, newborn twins won’t stop crying until they make skin to skin contact with their sibling. Maybe it’s because they’ve spent so much time together in the womb?

Don’t forget to watch the incredible footage below to see how these twins comfort each other in their daunting first moments on earth.


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No choro e na alegria, sempre juntos! Por isso amo gêmeos!! #gemeos #vamospovoaromundo

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