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New Batman Actor Rumoured To Be… Robert Pattinson?!

By - 17th April 2019
Batman robert pattinson

Batman is an iconic superhero who has been played by many actors over the years. Rumours are saying that the caped crusader may be due another new face. This could potentially be a role in the upcoming Joker movie, but at this stage, we don’t really know.

Rumours have placed Robert Pattinson in the running to play Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego. However, to see how well he would do, it is best to look back at the former actors who have played him.

Previous Batman Actors

Batman robert pattinson
Image: Polygon

Adam West popularised Batman, and the retro style and slapstick comedy are looked upon fondly by most Batman fans. Michael Keaton was largely praised for his turn in the cowl, under the direction of Tim Burton. However, Val Kilmer was instantly forgettable, and we all wish we could forget George Clooney’s attempt, which nearly killed the franchise.

Batman was brought back to life in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, played by Christian Bale. Bale made the role his own, moving away from the camp comedy of West and Clooney, and leaning towards the dark brooding nature of the Keaton/Burton era. He is now considered one of the most iconic iterations of the caped crusader.

Batman robert pattinson
Image: Getty/Stephanie Cardinale-Corbis

Ben Affleck donned the suit most recently, in a performance that wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t Christian Bale. However, he wasn’t helped by starring in poor movies.

As such, you could see Robert Pattinson slotting into this list quite nicely. Although considerably younger than most of the former actors, he nailed the dark and brooding elements in the Twilight Saga. And he looks pretty good in this fan-made poster…

However, he is up against stiff competition, as other actors rumoured to be in the picture include Jon Hamm and Arnie Hammer.

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