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Nervous 9 y/o Walks On Stage, But When She Opens Her Mouth The Audience Are Moved To Tears

By - 8th December 2017

When you think of an opera singer, you think of a mature man or woman, singing on a stage in a big wig and elaborate costume. Well, this 9-year-old girl is about to change your impression of what an opera singer looks like. 

9-year-old Amira Willighagen of the Netherlands has wowed people all over Holland with her impressive voice and it’s easy to see why. After entering, and winning, Holland’s Got Talent, the young singer has gone from success to success, wowing people with her incredible vocals.

In the video below, Amira was invited to perform in a Christmas special hosted by Max, Maakt Mogelijk, a Dutch television programme. The young girl managed to move people to tears with her perfect rendition of ‘O Holy Night’.

Wearing a festive red dress, accessorised with a white fur cape, Amira looks every inch the star as she confidently takes the stage and beautifully sings the famous Christmas song. Amira’s voice raises to the heavens as she commands the room and gives goosebumps to everyone in the audience. The audience is absolutely captivated by her amazing talent.

And the young girl not only has the voice of an angel, but she could be an angel in disguise. Amira has founded a charity organisation and she donated half of her revenue to build a playground for the children who live near her mother’s family. What a generous little girl!

Amira’s performance is nothing short of breathtaking as her voice glides through the song. Just when you think her voice can’t get any higher, she reaches new heights with ease. She certainly has an amazing talent and it’s great to see her using her talent to help others.

Watch the video for yourself and prepare to hear one of the most beautiful versions of ‘O Holy Night’ you have ever heard. If you loved Amira’s performance as much as we did, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and share her talent with the world. ?