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Neighbours Spot Dog Freezing In Snow And Rush to Help, Only To Find He’s Been Hiding Someone

By - 5th February 2018

When you think of Siberia, you think of a warm country with miles of lush greenery and incredible wildlife. But, actually, the winters in Siberia are bitterly cold, reaching temperatures as low as -12 degrees celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit) and leaving the landscape covered in snow.

So when a young boy was abandoned on the porch of a cabin in freezing temperatures for two days, the chances of him surviving were close to none. But luckily for the 2-year-old he had an unlikely hero come along to protect him.

The dog that lived in the cabin that the boy was abandoned at, spotted the boy and sensed that he was in distress. Wrapping himself around the freezing toddler, the dog’s fur and body heat managed to keep the boy warm and alive for two whole days.

Two days after the boy was abandoned, neighbours noticed the dog curled up on the porch and came to check that everything was alright. When they discovered the child beneath the dog’s fur they sprang into action as quickly as possible.

Despite the dog’s protection, the little boy had acute hypothermia and was in extremely bad shape. Miraculously, the boy survived and made a fast recovery and the child’s mother was prosecuted for her heartless actions.

If it weren’t for the incredible caring nature of the pooch, there could have been a very different end to this story. But time and again, dogs prove their loyalty and protection of humans by saving infants and warning people of danger.

It isn’t the first time that a dog has saved a child, against all odds, in Siberia. 3 years ago, a little girl named Karina Chikitova became lost in the wilderness with her dog.

After remaining lost for 9 days, surviving by eating berries and lying in a bed of grass, her dog turned up in the nearby village. The clever canine led the way for rescuers to find the 3-year-old girl and she was discovered with no major injuries, other than some scratches on her feet.

The dog had remained with her during her ordeal, ensuring she was safe, and eventually found a way to get other humans to find her. Both children are alive and well today, all thanks to their loyal canine friends. Dogs truly are amazing, heroic animals!

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