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Navy Veteran Turns Up At School To Thank Teen Who Saved His Life

By - 1st May 2019

Lexi Lindsey is an ordinary high schooler. Or that’s what she’d have you think. However, last year she had an encounter with a Navy veteran that would change his life, and prove her skills of kindness and courage.

Despite being only a teenager, Lindsey has proved that she has a future in the field of medicine. She is currently a senior at Bedford North Lawrence High School in Bedford, Indiana. However, just to prove how committed and clever she is, she is also taking classes at the North Lawrence Career Center. This course teaches students about different career paths and ways into health care.

So far, she has learned CPR, first aid, and emergency response training. But she didn’t think it would come in handy before she even passed the class.

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Lindsey and a friend were driving to a Justin Timberlake concert in Indianapolis when they passed a man on the motorway. His car had been pulled over to the side, and he was frantically gesturing at traffic.

“He started waving his arms and he fell to the ground,” Lexi said. “I screamed, ‘Stop the car!'”

She ran over to the fallen man, Brian Putt, a Navy veteran and father of two. She lay him on his side and called 911. He managed to tell her that he had an internal cardiac defibrilator. But at that moment he was suffering from heart arrythmia and was having a seizure.

Luckily Lindsey’s training had taught her well, and her actions saved his life until the ambulance arrived. She saved Putt’s life, and he came into her school to thank her. “I’ve seen grown men in the Navy break down in stressful situations,” he told the class.

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Kindness Repaid

He was impressed with Lindsey’s calm reaction, and praised her selfless actions. “What made you stop? It’s something called character. What is that? It’s doing the right thing when no one else will. I was disoriented from the shocks of the defibrillator, but as soon as I saw the car pull up, I had a sense of calm and I knew I’d be all right.”

He then presented Lindsey with his Navy sub fleet pin, which marked one of his proudest achievements as a Navy veteran. “The proudest day of my submarine career was when I earned my dolphins. You’re not given these, you earn them. I was awarded them October 19, 1993.” He told Lindsey that she had earned them.

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Lindsey has a fine career in the medical field ahead of her, that’s for sure.

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