Return to top 7-Year-Old Girl Loses Older Brother After Heart Transplant, Sings Beautiful Tribute That’s Going Viral

7-Year-Old Girl Loses Older Brother After Heart Transplant, Sings Beautiful Tribute That’s Going Viral

By - 11th May 2018

The Mullet family from Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, are an inspirational family. They dedicate their time to spiritually guiding people through their pain through their own personal experiences.

Way back in 1993, Duane and Cindy Mullet gave birth to their first child. They named their baby boy Austin Trent. From the beginning, Austin proved to his family that he was a fighter. He had to undergo a heart transplant at only 8-years-old.

The couple continued to add to their family, they had 4 little girls after Austin. Naturally, their parents loved their new kids Briana, Alisha, Chantara and Kyra but as the only boy and first-born, Austin held an important space in their heart.

Sadly, after Austin’s first heart transplant, his health issues didn’t stop. At the age of 5, Austin was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. At age 6 he was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Both conditions are rare and aggressive forms of cancer. But he just kept fighting and surviving.

But sadly, Austin’s troubles kept coming

At the age of 16, Austin once again experienced health problems. He had to undergo a 2nd heart transplant. The procedure initially went well, but a month later he came down with a severe bacterial infection which devastatingly took his life.

“From the moments after [Austin’s] birth and throughout his almost seventeen years of life, we have seen how every precious day was a gift from God.” – Cindy Mullet

Austin had faced many battles in his short time on Earth, but each one he tackled with optimism and a zest for life.

“Although we will always miss Austin’s lively presence in our home, we are grateful that he is eternally set free from all the physical pain.”

The Mullet family used the power of music to heal

The Mullet family managed to use music to help heal the pain of their loss. They’ve been longtime members of the Gospel Express prison ministry.

Following Austin’s death, his little sister Kyra, aged 7, wanted to honour her brother’s memory in a very special way. She decided to perform a song in his memory with a music video to accompany. Kyra sings “I Can Only Imagine” by the Christian rock band MercyMe.

Mullet family

It’s hard not to feel emotional watching this music video as you get to see how much Austin truly meant to the family. At one point, Kyra can be seen drawing a picture of a man holding hands with 2 children. The image is labelled to show that it is Jesus holding hands with Austin and herself.

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